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Teeth Whitening

Our Teeth Whitening Treatment is a



First Impressions Matter. Start with a Sparkling Smile.

Your smile is often your first introduction to people and healthy-looking teeth speak volumes. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure we offer in our Richmond dental clinic. Some people do it because a beautiful smile makes them feel better about their appearance; others do it because they feel it gives them an advantage in fields where a youthful appearance is prized (think of actors and their dazzling smiles). We offer teeth whitening treatments for teens, adults and seniors

Whatever your reasons, it’s a painless, fast procedure that takes only half an hour in the dental chair.

woman smiling with whitened teeth in richmond bc

My friend and I are the same age, but my teeth are yellow and hers are white – why?

The colour of your teeth depends upon a number of factors: the strength of your enamel, whether you smoke, whether you drink tea, coffee, red wine or colas, your age, and how often you brush your teeth.

Your smile will be brighter in just one visit

In our clinic, we use Poladay gel, which is formulated to reduce tooth sensitivity. Our trained dental technicians carefully insert a custom-made tray filled with whitening gel in your mouth. Thirty minutes later, your teeth will typically be three to four shades lighter – although results vary from patient to patient.

We also offer take-home teeth whitening treatments

We also offer a take-home treatment from Poladay. With just one or two 15 minute-treatment sessions per day, you will achieve a whiter, brighter smile within one to two weeks.

What are the benefits of getting my teeth whitened at the dentist’s?

Our whitening treatments are stronger than the ones sold at the drug store, so you can see a dramatic difference with just one treatment – and because we supervise the procedure, and apply the whitener with precision, sensitive teeth and gums are less likely to be irritated.

Thinking about a brighter smile?

We’d be happy to talk to you about your options – please call our office at 604-273-1777 or visit our Contact page.

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