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Sometimes extractions are a necessary part of dental care: when we can’t repair a tooth because it’s too decayed or damaged, or when one tooth is crowding out your other teeth.

Before we extract a tooth, we consider all of your options and talk them through with you. With modern advancements in dentistry, we are able to save natural teeth much more frequently, using restorative procedures such as root canal therapy, crowns and fillings.  And when we can’t save a tooth, those same advancements make the process less invasive and less painful than it used to be, with faster recovery times.

We do not extract wisdom teeth in our Richmond dental office. Instead, we refer you to a trusted oral surgeon who can offer a range of sedation options, including general anesthesia.

We do everything we can to make you feel comfortable

We know that extractions make some patients feel anxious, so we do everything we can to make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. We talk you through the process so that you know what’s going to happen, listen to your concerns, and treat you with gentleness and care.

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