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How can I pay for my visit?

We accept Interac, major credit cards, and cash as payment.  At the time of your appointment, we direct bill your insurance providers for the amount that is covered, and bill you for the portion that is not. 

Do you accept emergency visits?

If you require an emergency visit, our staff will make every effort to get you an appointment within 24 hours of your call. Please call our office and explain your situation to our receptionist.

How long will my first visit take?

Your first visit will typically take 90 minutes and include a cleaning, a thorough oral exam, and x-rays. At your first appointment, we take extra time to get to know you and your dental concerns, and to introduce you to our team. At the end of the visit, Dr. Grace will recommend a treatment plan for you, and discuss your options going forward.

Why should I visit the dentist every 6 months?

Regular dental visits allow us to do preventive care – so that we can take care of small issues before they become painful problems. We want you to keep your teeth for life, and that means regular maintenance and professional cleaning. According to the Canadian Dental Association, 48% of Canadians who haven’t seen a dentist in the past year have gum disease, which can lead to decay and tooth loss.  The good news is that with regular dental visits, gum disease can be caught early, treated, controlled – and even reversed.

At what age should my child pay their first visit to the dentist?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that your child visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth, or by the time they are one year old, to make sure that their teeth and gums are healthy, and any small problems are caught early. It’s important to look after your child’s baby teeth, as some of them will be in your child’s mouth until they are 12.

Our youngest patients can sit on their parent’s lap during an exam. As your child gets older, you are still welcome to accompany them into the treatment room to provide support, ask questions and discuss procedures. We do everything we can to help our young patients feel safe and happy!

Do you have a question that you don’t see answered here? Please call our office at 604-273-1777 or visit our Contact page.

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