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Mouth Guards

We custom-fit two kinds of mouth guards for patients in our Richmond dental clinic: sports guards, which protect your teeth during contact sports, and night guards (bite appliances), which protect your teeth from night-time grinding.

A custom-fit sports guard is more comfortable than a “boil-and-bite” one

Patients who play contact sports such as hockey, rugby, basketball, field hockey and football should wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth from impact.  The multiple layers of cushioning in our guards are designed to absorb shock, not only to protect your teeth, but also to help prevent concussions. Because the guard is custom-fitted to your mouth, it is less likely to dislodge from your mouth on impact, and it is more comfortable to wear than the boil-and-bite varieties that you buy at the store.

A night guard protects your teeth from the effects of grinding

If you wake up often with headaches or an aching jaw, you may be grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep. Over time, teeth grinding can seriously damage the biting surfaces of your teeth, and lead to a need for dental restorations such as crowns.

A night guard can be custom-fit to your teeth using thin, comfortable material that will not interfere with your sleep – the grinding will then take its toll on the guard, not your teeth.

Interested in knowing more about custom-fit mouth guards? We’d be happy to talk to you – please call our office at 604-273-1777 or visit our Contact page.

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